Tom Lamb photo

Hi, I'm Tom Lamb of Tom Lamb Maps. Welcome to my online studio! I am a cartographic artist and a leading provider of customizable hand-drawn maps, one-of-a-kind custom home illustrations, and premier greeting cards, t-shirts, tote bags, and other printed products. All of my work is hand-drawn in ink, colored in Photoshop, and made in the USA.

My current series of prints and cards are Los Angeles area maps because it is the city I called home for many years. However, I can create maps of any city or neighborhood, and the style can range from very detailed to more simplified. More recently, I created an assortment of Breaking Bad art products for all the fans of this iconic show.

Hanging art on the walls of whatever place you call home transforms the space into a more personal and aesthetic environment. Each of my pieces brings art as well as a sense of place to your home because I depict the neighborhoods and cities and houses that provide us with a feeling of belonging. My clients tell me time and time again how much my work is appreciated, by adults and children alike. My prints make very special gifts and are appropriate for almost any occasion, especially when customized.

I am a self-taught artist and I studied filmmaking at Massachusetts College of Art. I found much inspiration and encouragement from my father, Derek Lamb, who was an award-winning artist and animator.

I have exhibited at many galleries, including 'Art Expo' at the L.A. Convention Center and the downtown L.A. Artwalk. I am also an accomplished Visual Effects artist.

Tom Lamb Maps. Creating art and a sense of place.